Kaela  teaches voice and piano. Kaela has a bachelor’s degree in Music with an emphasis in Music Business from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Kaela is a patient and soft spoken teacher who encourages her students with positive reinforcement.  She uses the Alfred method for piano and for voice she emphasizes vocal health, warm ups, range and technique. Kaela has experience singing in a collegiate choir and an a capella group. Rate is $25.00 for 30 minutes.

Call or text at 763-381-7559 to schedule a lesson

Jana teaches voice and beginning piano. She is $35 per 30 minute lesson. Jana is a voice teacher with 30 years of nonstop professional experience in vocal performance on the highest levels as a lead singer and background singer around the U.S. and the world, including touring with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Jewel, Don Henley, and many shows with other stars. She started her vocal experience singing in 40 choirs until high school graduation, and from then on she has vast experience in every style of singing and currently performs every week. Her vocal warm ups came from one of the voice teachers to the stars and her choir teachers. She teaches breathing also. She teaches students to sing more like their favorite artists where the students choose songs and she shows techniques, breathing, and control on how to hit the notes and grow the vocal range in a healthy way. Jana teaches students to sing more like rock stars with good technique. Feel free to contact her at findjana@msn.com. Click here to see a video of Jana


10:00  Zoe

10:30  Jada

11:00  Madison / Hendrix

11:30  Emma

Weekly teacher list: (more details below) 
Mondays: Matt (drums, bass, guitar, piano, voice), Mike (Woodwinds, guitar, piano), Rebekka (piano, guitar, vocals),       

            Piper (guitar, piano, voice), Sarah (violin, voice, piano), Josie (violin, viola, piano)
Tuesdays: Jacqueline (piano), Mike (Woodwinds, guitar, piano), Jana (voice), Kaela (Piano, vocals) 
Wed: Mike (woodwinds, guitar, piano), Jana (voice, piano), Kaela (piano,vocals),

          Matt (guitar, piano, drums), Anna V (guitar) 
Thurs:  Byron (drums, percussion), Mike (woodwinds, guitar, piano), Jana (voice), 
            Josie (violin, cello, piano), 
Friday: Mike (woodwinds, guitar, piano), Anna V. (guitar) 
Sat:  Matt (drums, guitar, piano, voice), Mike (woodwinds, guitar, piano), Rebekka (piano, guitar, vocals), Jacqueline (piano)

​Sundays: Piper


4:00 open

4:30 Olivia/Ethan

5:00 Attie

5:30 Jerric

6:00 Aurora

Mike Abresch teaches Piano, Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Oboe, and is a performing musician who has taught in Blaine for 18 years. He became a member of the Macalester College symphonic band at age 14, and became a member of the University of MN Jazz Ensemble I at age 17. At the U of M he majored in music performance, studying flute with David Eagle. He is also a three-time National Flute Association competition winner, and the creator of the website jazzimprov101.org, a uniquely effective beginning jazz improvisation method. In addition to his musical experience, Mike has spent 20 years working in the field of human services.

You can reach him at 612-203-8309. Mike@performanceMusicLessons.com

He charges $25 per lesson. 


4:00 Kelissa

4:30 Ben

5:00 Gage

5:30 Open

6:00 Alex

6:30 Isaiah

7:00 AJ

7:00 Open

Matt Johnson  teaches Guitar, Drums, piano, ukelele, voice, and bass. Matt plays in many bands around the Twin Cities and has been playing professionally for 16 years.  He has a Bachelor of Music degree from Loyola University in Chicago. He is currently playing in the band Mojo Rojo.  Matt teaches his students to play popular music and can teach music theory, notation and playing by ear. call or text: 612-886-4520. If you can't get ahold of him, call or text 651-303-4810. Click here to see Matt

Youth Mentor


9:00 Open

9:30 Emma

10:00 Cole

10:30 Carter

11:00 Emilu/Elizabeth

11:30 Landon

12:00 Landon

​12:30 Open


3:00 Michael

3:30 Kirra

4:00 Kirra

4:30 Ethan

5:00 Open

5:30 Tanya (every other)

6:00 Claire

6:30 Livia

7:00 Astrid (every other)

7:30 Jessica


4:00 Open

4:30 Daniel

5:00 Tenzin

5:30  Camille 



Anna V. is in high school and has been learning guitar for nine years and loves working with kids. After having multiple teachers, she knows that a great teacher values both hard work and fun. She plays and teaches many styles of guitar including pop, classical, acoustic, and Jazz. She especially enjoys performing classical guitar for events and playing electric guitar in the top jazz band at Blaine High School. She finished the 9th and final book of the Suzuki Guitar Part series and can teach basic to advanced classical guitar with it. She also teaches note reading, chords and strumming patterns using the JFH method or Hal Leonard method. She teaches jazz with theory, chord charts and jazz standards. Because she is a youth mentor, she charges $15 per 30 minute lesson. call or text 763-406-9846


4:00 JC

4:30 Max

5:00 Lucy 

5:30 Kirra

6:00 Ian

6:30 Evelyn

7:00 Lauren

7:30 Emily

8:00 Open

3:10 Olivia
3:45 Open every other 
4:20 Shane
4:55 Ben
5:45 Alexa
6:20 Nicole
6:55 McKenna
7:30 Supy

8:05 Alana

Performance Music Lessons


Mike Abresch's Schedule

Please call or email for availability. He is at the studio 4-8pm Monday through Friday

and Saturday 8am to 2pm. 

Jacqueline teaches beginning piano. She has a degree in Child Development from University of Minnesota with a minor in dance. She has studied the piano from a young age and learned guitar in her teens and has sang on stage with bands. She works well with young children and children with ADHD. She uses the Alfred Method books for piano. Rate is $25.00 for 30 minutes.  text at 612-799-8314 to schedule a lesson.

Ages 5 and up only 


5:00 Open

5:30 filled

6:00 open

Piper is a young teacher at our studio. She's been playing piano and guitar for 10 years. She can teach beginning guitar, piano, voice, theory,  and songwriting. For guitar, she uses the note reading method using the FJH method and tablature along with chord and strumming patterns. She is patient with children and has experience tutoring through her school and our girls rock camp. She charges $25 per lesson. 763-614-4003

Buy 4 lessons get one free

(new students only) 

Our teachers are experienced music professionals with backgrounds in teaching and performance.
Performance Music Lessons is lead by Rebekka Fisher a licensed music teacher, who is also an instructor at the studio.  On this page you will meet our teachers and learn about their backgrounds, lesson offerings, and lesson calendars. 


12:00  Oliver


1:00 Krystal (every other)

1:30 Anjali


In a very short time Jana taught me a few incredibly important lessons.  Protecting my voice, breathing correctly while I’m singing, opening up my voice and singing intentionally quickly made a huge impact on the quality of my music. She is a gifted singer and generously shares her gifts and knowledge with her students.Ben Pigorsch


Buy 4, get one free!!

new students only (Matt Only) 


6:00 Kal

6:30 Reema

7:00 filled

7:30 open 

Free Lesson!

Buy 4 get one free with Matt! and Kaela! New Students only


Josie teaches violin, viola, Piano, and cello. She has played for 16 years, taught private lessons for 6 years, and performs professionally. She has earned her Bachelor of Arts degree and has taught in Taiwan. Please call her to set up a time for your lesson  763-442-6128. Fee is $25 per lesson

Jana has openings!!

 Email Jana for details!!  

2:30 Kyle

3:05 Kirra
3:40 Alexis
4:15 Lexi
4:50 Danielle

5:55 Aubree/ Lydia
6:30 Brenna/ Brianna
7:05 Brenna/ Ruby
7:40 Nicole 

8:15 open


3:55 open every other week

4:30 Luke

5:05 KT

5:40 Brady

6:15 Dawn

​6:50 Loretta

​7:25 Liam - Open every other week

​8:00 Open

Byron Johnson-Blanchard teaches drum set and percussion lessons. He holds an AAS degree in percussion performance from McNally Smith College of Music. With nearly a decade of teaching and performance experience, Byron merges college level music theory with knowledge acquired on the job. Lessons with Byron are structured, fun, and can be tailored to the student's interests and needs. He teaches students of all ages. When he isn't teaching, you can find him playing with his band Amethyst 3, a collaborative jazz group called Silverback Trio, and numerous other musical projects.

His Methods include: 

*Stick Control: For the Modern Snare Drummer - George Lawrence Stone
*Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer - Ted Reed
*The Art of Bop Drumming - John Riley
*Reading Text for Drummers - Paul Stueber, Jess Wheeler, Dave Stanoch, Gordy Knudtson
*Drum Styles and Independence Techniques - Gordy Knudtson
*Snare Drum and Drum Set Techniques - Gordy Knudtson
Students are welcome to bring in any school texts or other texts that fulfill their interests/needs.

His rate is $25 per lesson. You may call/ text him at



3:30 Kaiden

4:00 Kyle

4:30 Sapna

5:00 Zoey

5:30 Open

6:00 Tie-in

6:30 Anna

7:00 Rhyse

7:30 Open?


3:00 Open

3:30 Open

4:00 Levi

4:30- Nate                       
5:00 -Peter                    
6:00 Gavin

6:30 Connor

7:00 Selina

7:30 Open

8:00 Open