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Jana Anderson Voice Lesson Policies
The voice lesson policies have been developed to foster the serious study of music with students while also being a lot of fun, to be a rested and effective teacher, and have work life balance. It is Jana's goal to inspire creativity, guide students to their dreams and goals, and be an example of the commitment it takes to be successful on whatever level you choose.

Benefits of Vocal Lessons and How You Will Grow:
*Range (higher and lower notes)
*Help guiding you to find ‘your own voice and style’
*Proper breathing (helps with holding long notes, phrasing, even with anxiety or asthma)
*Vocal flexibility and many techniques taught that your favorite singers do
*Rhythm (how to stay on beat, know when to start, how to take control of knowing where you are in the song)
*How to sing many styles (if you want to)
*Training for auditions to musicals, contests, etc.
*How to use a microphone properly
*Singing in Chest voice and Head voice
*Healing techniques for damaged voices
*Vocal warmups
*Singing karaoke better

This is all out fun and a place to learn how to sing popular music in all styles, choir music, theater music, and get guidance on how to further your goals in a real way from an accomplished, working, professional singer with 37 years of stage experience and 7 1/2 years teaching at Performance Music Lessons as of January 1, 2022.

If you want to learn about Jana’s professional history as a professional singer, please visit www.janaandersonmusic.com
This will inform you of the many options of things to learn from Jana, if you so choose, whether it’s running bands, making music videos, recording original music, how to write, arrange and produce music, record contracts, and things in addition to singing that may be valuable to you.

Masks are highly encouraged for the safety of you and others when you enter and exit the building. The masks are always removed once behind the plexiglass for ease of singing freely with no mask. Always have a mask with you in case the waiting area gets crowded for some reason.
Payment Options:
Venmo App (preferred) JanaAndersonMusic is her Venmo name and it has her picture
Cash App
Check made out to Jana Anderson
Paypal ($2.00 fee added per $50.00)

Returned Check Fee:  $25

Please plan ahead financially as there will be a $25.00 fee added if Jana isn’t paid before the lesson for a full month of lessons PLUS another 2 weeks of pay to ensure she is given 2 weeks notice before stopping voice lessons. This is explained in ‘Payments’ paragraph below.

Because of the recent and substantial upgrades to the entire building, our rent and commissions have gone up substantially. If they go up more than I’m told now, lessons prices will then rise again with 2 weeks notice. I don’t anticipate this but we have been given surprises lately.

Makeup Lessons:
There are NO makeup lessons that you have paid for for any reason. Sometimes the regular lesson is cancelled, then the makeup lessons have been also cancelled. This has been one lesson of pay for double or even triple of lesson time. Jana needs work/life balance so please plan ahead and let her know in the morning or days before if you’re feeling ill and anticipate it will last, will be unable to attend for whatever reason, vacations, shows, so hopefully, you can continue with your scheduled lesson time on zoom or FaceTime.

Individual Lessons:
30 minute lesson: $40
60 minute lesson: $80
Buddy Lessons (two people total, each in their own booth):
30 minute lesson: $60 ($30/ea)
60 minute lesson: $140 ($60/ea)

 To ensure nobody quits without the respect of a 2 week notice, all weekly students pay $80.00 up front and it is returned if 14 day notice is given, or the student can use it for their final lessons if the student has to discontinue voice lessons. For students who come every other week, $40.00 is paid up front and the same rule applies for the 2 week notice of discontinuing lesson. That money is NOT returned if letting Jana know without it being at least 14 days.
Some months have 5 weeks and you should continue to pay for the whole month in that case. So, instead of $160.00 it will be $200.00 for 5 week months and $120.00 for those who come every other week for a 5 week month. APRIL 1ST IS A FRIDAY AND JANA WILL NOT BE TEACHING THAT DAY DUE TO A SHOW SHE IS IN, SO NO PAY TO JANA IF YOUR LESSON IS THAT FRIDAY.
All students, “BEFORE” their lesson, must pay the whole month in advance, whether it’s a 4 week month or 5 week month. For the last week of the month, the student must stay ahead in payments and pay that next month in advance. There is no returned money unless Jana has an appointment and has to cancel the lesson. She will send your money back via Venmo or a check if she has a show, illness, or something where she’s unable to do the lesson. Once you pay for your whole month, that money is not returned if the student cancels part way through the month. The only money returned is the $80.00 or $40.00 if Jana is given at least 14 days notice of discontinuing lessons.                                                                                              
I was planning on everyone paying by semesters for a full 12 weeks, but decided this might be more financially manageable.
Please don’t make Jana responsible for reminding you to pay her. There is a fine of $25.00 if you forget. It is your responsibility to write it on your calendars, phones, or wherever you put important appointments you need to remember. That is greatly appreciated.

You receive a receipt per payment with the amount and dates of lessons.

I’m told this is tax deductible so please as your financial professional if this is an option for you.

Payment for A la carte Voice Lessons: (people can take extra voice lessons for auditions, etc., or, a friend can take one or something like that)
30 minute lesson Saturday through Monday: $60
60 minute lesson Saturday through Monday: $120

Sick or Absent Policy Options:
Students shall make a commitment to their weekly lessons. There are NO guaranteed makeup lessons or texting back and forth with Jana for these purposes. However, Jana will be teaching online from the school using Zoom or Facetime in your regular lesson time slot.  If you are not sick but may have been in contact with someone with Covid or you’re feeling a little sick, don’t come in, please. You will need a device to see Jana, and a second one for You Tube for the music and lyrics as there is a 2 second delay and she can’t play it from her end.
Lessons are not cancelled due to inclement weather. We will do an online lesson instead via Zoom or Facetime or you forfeit the payment with no lesson.

Practicing Away From the Studio (Recommendation):
Vocal warmups can be found to your liking if you search You Tube. Please warm up 10-15 minutes before singing songs on your own. It is recommended that most beginners practice a minimum of 15 minutes every other day, every week. Practicing often produces much better results in better singing than a long session once per week. This is how to get the most for your money. The practice may vary depending on the student’s age.

Younger students should practice only 10 minutes every other day (plus warmup time), while teen or adult beginners may need to practice 30 minutes every other day (plus warmup time). 

Advanced students should expect to practice up to an hour or more a few times per week (plus warmup time). 

No matter how long a student practices, the key to advancing is consistent, daily practice at least three to four days per week. If you don’t like singing with anyone in the house, see if there’s a way to work it out because it’s the only way to truly become a better singer.

Without consistent practice, you can lose range and other techniques you’ve worked hard to achieve. If your voice feels hoarse or strained, or, if you are sick, please stop and rest for a couple days. You should never feel hoarse. Yelling, talking too much, laughing a lot and loudly, trying to talk over room noise or over the noise at sporting events, whispering, no sleep, not enough water are all very bad for vocal health.

Please provide Jana your email addresses via text to her cell or, on the remind app.

Once a student is assigned a weekly lesson slot, as long as payments are made each monthly period, you are permanently in her schedule until you give her notice of cancellation.

For job changes or life changes, she will do her best to find a new time slot if there are any available, at no charge.

As a courtesy, please provide as much notice as possible for any lesson you are unable to attend.

Discontinuing Lessons:
In the event you need to discontinue your lesson, please notify Jana *at least* 2 weeks ahead of the last scheduled and paid for lesson. Cancellation must be given via text or e-mail at findjana@msn.com. The financial part is already explained above.

If Jana Cancels a Lesson:
Since Jana is a performer, she will refund any lessons paid for where she cancels and has a show. She will also refund if she has an illness, or other reason she is unable to teach voice lessons for the scheduled lesson date.

Safety and Cleanliness Protocol:
She provides 2 clear, plexiglass vocal booths in my teaching space. She is committed to cleaning every microphone, microphone stand, pen, and music stand and spraying booths between every lesson and students alternate booths for health and safety. There is a HEPA filter and 2 fans running at all times for air safety.

Supplies Provided and What To Expect:
Jana provides one iPad while in the lesson for lyrics for the student, and she teaches from an iPad connected via Bluetooth to a small speaker for voice lessons. Jana sanitizes the iPad between every lesson. Students can choose any songs for any lesson. Nobody sings songs they don’t like. This is definitely a fun experience of learning about music.

Please be on time. Jana cannot run overtime due to late arrivals nor can she be responsible for supervising a student once the lesson has concluded. Please allow for traffic with construction during the good weather months and snow and ice during the bad weather months.

Water and beverages are allowed in the studio but you must bring your own as water and drinks are not provided and there is no machine to purchase them. There is a Holiday station across the street. There’s no need for food in the time we have, but, it’s allowed if it’s not messy, for anyone in the waiting area as long as you clean up after yourself. Any drinks or food with milk products make students clear their voices often, and are highly discouraged for making the most of the voice lesson. That includes cheese, ice cream, coffee drinks with creamer, etc. You can bring a quarter if you want candy from the room candy machine after the lesson.

For students under the age of 10, Jana asks that parents accompany the student in and out, and sit in the waiting area at least the last 5 minutes of each lesson.

There is a free, large parking lot for all students and parents.

Best Online Experience:
Jana will send a Zoom meeting link right before the lesson via your email.

Make sure the student is set up in a quiet location (no tv, siblings or pets making noise in the background) in the house. The closer to your wi-fi router and the less people gaming or on the internet for your online lesson, the better the connection. For any online lesson, students need to have one device to read lyrics and once device to play the music on their end as I can’t because of the 2-3 second delay. You only need one extra device if you check ahead of time and your song is offered with scrolling lyrics on YouTube or Apple Music.

Zoom has two settings you should look into prior to the first lesson: "Original Sound" and "High Fidelity Audio Mode".  Please look into both of these, every device has a different configuration, so Jana won't personally be able to advise what works best on your device, but at least one of these needs to be working, otherwise Zooms tends to block out any other sound other than your voice (which means she won't be able to hear your voice very well).

There is a sincere love of teaching and seeing rewarding progress and how happy students have become as better singers! There are dozens of testimonials of what voice lessons have accomplished with dozens of students. Singing is one of the only investments you can give to yourself that you can truly do forever to old age, having a journey that is fun as a singer on any level, and makes you feel more confident with a lifetime of great memories knowing you did this for yourself. This is joyful and a very positive environment!
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Performance Music Lessons


Jana Anderson

teaches voice


lessons available both in person and online Tuesday through Friday

Jana teaches voice. She is $40 per 30 minute lesson. Jana is a voice teacher with 30 years of nonstop professional experience in vocal performance on the highest levels as a lead singer and background singer around the U.S. and the world, including touring with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Jewel, Don Henley, and many shows with other stars. She started her vocal experience singing in 40 choirs until high school graduation, and from then on she has vast experience in every style of singing and currently performs every week. Her vocal warm ups came from one of the voice teachers to the stars and her choir teachers. She teaches breathing also. She teaches students to sing more like their favorite artists where the students choose songs and she shows techniques, breathing, and control on how to hit the notes and grow the vocal range in a healthy way. Jana teaches students to sing more like rock stars with good technique. Feel free to contact her at findjana@msn.com. Click here to see a video of Jana