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From a Student: "I just wanted to say than you so much for everything! Without you I'm not sure if I would still be persevering with my music. I really appreciate all the work you do and I want you to know that you're probably one of the best music teachers I'll ever have. You taught that music is more about creativity and less about knowing every theory. and that's something that a lot of people don't really understand." Savhanna 

Notes on the piano

From a parent: "he really likes having lessons from you. You have a really patient style which we appreciate" 
"Thank you teaching me the thing I love the most", (Taylor), "you're the best piano teacher ever" (Taryn), "Thanks for all you do" (Maya). 

You may call/text Rebekka @651-303-4810.

My email is


5:00 Jack 

5:30 Anya
6:00 Kirra

6:30 Maya K 
7:00 Sophie

Rebekka is not taking any more students at this time. Please check out our wonderful list of teachers on the "Our Teachers" page. 

Rebekka Fisher teaches piano, guitar, and voice and has been teaching for over 15 years (St Paul, Osseo, Spring Lake Park Public Schools and McNally Smith Music College). She has a Bachelors degree in music composition and theory and is a licensed music teacher in the State of Minnesota.  She has been performing around the Twin Cities for 20 years and has released 5 CD's. Rates are $25 per lesson. 

link to Rebekka performing

Wednesdays -

5:30  Kale
6:00  John/Nathan (Every other week) 
            John April  18/ Nathan April 11
6:30 Reema
7:00 Brady 

8:00 Aiden on Skype

chords on the piano


8:00 Braxton
8:30  Josh 
9:00  Jayla 
9:30 Isabelle
10:00 Kennedy
10:30 Nikita 
11:00 Keira  
11:30 Amaya​
12:00 Mariah
12:30 Thomas​

1:00 Maya K.